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The [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest prompts went out very late last night, and, just a little sleep deprived, all day I've been alternately giddily hopeful and heartburningly worried about the matches. If anyone received prompts that she would really rather not write, I hope that she reaches out. We're just so diverse in FK! The only taste that we all share is for this extraordinary show and its phenomenal fandom. Mystery, history and horror; adventure, romance and metaphor; dark, bright and red all over ;-) ... you'd hardly know that we were watching the same series!

In that spirit, I wanted to share a happy mistake that my MP3 player made recently, and what FK reflections it brought. For some reason, the gadget piled all of my many assorted "Greatest Hits" albums into one giant playlist, alphabetical by song title. I would never have put Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel and Bing Crosby together on my own, but it's actually the most delightful playlist ever! I'm loving it. By coincidence, however, alphabetical chance spins Springsteen's "Badlands" (1978) and "Better Days" (1992) right together, nothing between, and I keep hearing them as one song in two chapters: an anthem for first-season Nick and all of first-season FK. (Or perhaps it's first season and then the original hiatus that I think I hear?)

Part of my reaction comes straight from a "Badlands" FK fanvid that I'm very, very lucky to have on a VHS tape that I really need to dub to digital somehow before it goes the way of all celluloid. I'm sorry to say that I don't know who made the lovely vid. Dubbed and redubbed and passed around, if it ever had a title screen, it had lost it by the time it reached me. But I love it, and I imagine you would, too. While its raw materials and editing standards are of course VHS vintage and might not pass muster today, it indelibly makes its case for a Nick determined to live now, to live forward, to know and count the true terrible cost but to never stop pushing. Clips of him on the beach over Elizabeth's ashes. Clips waking sweating blood. Clips with Janette. Love, hope and faith... someday. Clips of him with Natalie, with Schanke, with Joan. I haven't actually watched the vid in a few years (the VCR is in the closet), but it unforgettably showed me Nick through that song and that song through Nick. For me, that's the sound of first season. (No offense to Mr. Mollin.) That's the sound, even more than Mr. Mollin's, that reminds me how much I love this story and everything it promised.

Playlist of that VHS Fanvid Anthology )
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The beloved fandoms that we chat about here are, for me, almost always those in which I need something more than canon. For whatever reason, those canons alone don't fulfill, and I turn to you, my fellow fans, for all the discussions and stories, fixing the errors and filling in the blanks, putting right what once went wrong and keeping the engine purring. It's a joy. But I do love some other stories, stories that I rarely if ever mention here, as profoundly as — and perhaps even more than — those fandoms I do mention.

Take the Pinis' ElfQuest, for example. (If you don't know it, try it! If you hate it, hush.) Now, deeply as I love it, I don't need to talk about it or read or write fanfic for it. It is. It is itself. It's enough. Canon fulfills. Granted, I say that having waited six months between black-and-white issues and bought the Stablaze color editions new in Waldenbooks. I have a poster signed by Wendy. Somewhere, I have a folder of my incompetent imitations of her work. I've had a long, long, long time for those roots to grow through my soul.

Anyway, I've been working a lot of sixty-hour weeks, lately. I rarely get on my own computer at home, or get to rather a lot of other things. I've been feeling pretty far down. But yesterday, Saturday, after about five hours in the office, I got in my car, looked at the gorgeously sunny day, and decided to go for a walk to decompress. "Okay, Google," I said to my phone. "Give me directions to the nearest park on the Bay Trail."

The place I arrived is an unremarkable cul-de-sac of drought-dry wetland between an abandoned factory and wetter wetlands, circled by bike trails, and as I began strolling in the spring sun, I plugged in my earbuds and pulled up the A Wolfrider's Reflections album, featuring mostly work by Julia Ecklar, but also some lyrics by Mercedes Lackey. (I won't go into how these most excellent filks went pro.) Point being, I hadn't listened to the album straight through in a few years, and while walking, overtired out there in the sun, it made me laugh, and cry, and ache, feeling the characters and knowing the moments. It's not just seeing the panels referenced in my mind's eye, or even seeing the events through the characters' eyes once again, because it wasn't just remembering loving ElfQuest.

The songs reminded me why I love fandom of itself, and all it does and can do at its best. Why do we do these things we do?

Funny, that a fandom where I generally feel no need for fandom, and filks that technically ceased to be fanworks (becoming authorized shared-universe works) ages ago, would so-suddenly supply that particular support.
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The 2013/2014 [community profile] fandom_stocking treats have been revealed, and I'm looking forward to this weekend, when I'll be able to dig through all the stockings that requested my fandoms (and perhaps also read a few more Yuletide and [ profile] hlh_shortcuts stories).

In the meantime, I came home from work fairly late tonight to the happy arrival of these goodies in my own Fandom Stocking:

  • A Forever Knight Nick & the Schankes story (plus Janette, Natalie and Lacroix references!), set before the tag of first-season's "Hunters," but after the climax: "Intrusion" by [personal profile] pj1228 (~1,500 words, gen, G). Highly canon-aware!

  • A Sleepy Hollow Ichabod & Abbie interlude story (with horses!), tucked between the looming cliffs of their adventures: "Two-in-Hand" by [personal profile] st_aurafina (~700 words, gen, G). A classic interlude!

  • A Sleepy Hollow Ichabod/Katrina manip desktop wallpaper by [personal profile] tarlanx, with intriguing symbolism! Gorgeous!

  • Fiction "gift certificates" of various lengths and in various fandoms from [personal profile] sharpest_asp, [personal profile] ravenela, [personal profile] argentum_ls and [personal profile] skieswideopen! Exciting! Yay, things to which to look forward!
    • 01/11/14: Ravenela just fulfilled her "pledge" with the Highlander Duncan/Tessa vignette "Acceptance," coordinating with the "Counterfeit" flashbacks!

  • Recommendations with links to three Person of Interest fanmixes from [personal profile] somehowunbroken! This is a fairly new form of fannish expression to me: interesting!

  • Recommendations with links to four Highlander pic assortments, and also to one page of Highlander filk lyrics, from [personal profile] alexia! (Two of the pic assortments are by JinxedWood.) Amusing!

  • Happy holiday greetings and art from [personal profile] wendymypooh, [personal profile] sjh2009, [personal profile] leesa_perrie and [personal profile] twinsarein! Jolly!

Thank you, everyone! These have been so much fun!

I wrote two short stories, myself, one Forever Knight (Lacroix & Natalie & Nick; thank you for the beta, [personal profile] skieswideopen!) and one Highlander (Methos/Alexa; thank you for the beta, [personal profile] celli!). I also handed out a few fanfic "gift certificate" promises where I'd much wanted to write (more FK! more HL! someone even requested original BSG, but it didn't get tagged properly so I missed it till the end!), but couldn't fit it in. I plan to post about those on the weekend. I need to transfer the two stories from Dreamwidth comments to the AO3, and perhaps sneak in one more polish.

(I'm also reminded that I have at least two stories (both FK) from previous Fandom Stocking years that I never did move into the AO3. I meant to rewrite them, but... [personal profile] leela_cat firmly tells me to archive them and move on, rather than let them continue munching at the back of my imagination as unfinished.)
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I recently rewatched "False Witness" with the closed captioning on, and was fascinated to note that the captioning has Lacroix say to Nick: "your students at the Conservatory" (rather than the "the students at the Conservatory" I had always heard aloud).  Now, the captioning is frequently wrong.  No question.  I'm grateful to have any captioning at all, but what we have misspells Janette's name all the time ("Jeanette" is traditional, but that's not the Raven's owner), forever mishears little things (for example, it writes "Miss Paris" instead of "Miss Priss" -- as in "prissy" -- as Anne Foley's stage name in "Dance by the Light of the Moon"), and those are just off the top of my head.  Pop in any episode and you'll find more.

But what about here?  What have you always heard Lacroix say?  Janette calls the musicians "common street players," but if they are Nick's students, she is being facetious in that remark, teasing him -- and it changes the complexion of her murder of the girl.  Perhaps the three of them came on purpose to hear the boy and girl perform, from Nick's perspective (though he didn't successfully communicate that to Janette).  Regardless, if indeed the word is "your," then we know Nick's occupation at that time!  And what a Nick-like occupation, combining teaching and music, both of which he loves.

(And how often we make him a music teacher in fanfiction!  Dorothy's "The Gift" leaps to mind, and even I did it once in flashbacks an age ago.)

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[Crossposted from forkni-l.]

I know this was asked and answered back when the second soundtrack CD first came out in '99, but I'm afraid I've forgotten.  Remind me?  You know that final, unlisted, almost-hidden spoken-word bit at the very, very, very end of the second FK soundtrack?  It's part of the final track (suite from "Last Knight," movement "End of an Era"), not separate, but you don't hear it until you wait through a period of silence.

A male voice says:
"Well, here we are.  We're coming up to a new millennium, going into our next eight-hundred years together.  What's gonna happen?  I don't know.  I don't know.  Just hope we can do it together.  Hope we all make it through.  Stay friends.  Maybe find some new ones.  Should be fun.  Just keep a smile on, huh?  Yeah, keep a smile on."

Is that Geraint Wyn Davies's voice?  Or is it Fred Mollin's voice?  (I recently listened to it on a better sound system for the first time, and it sounded different to me, making me doubt what I thought I knew.  Perhaps it's just time passing.)


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