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I got to sleep in luxuriously this Saturday morning, and when I did at last wake up past nine, it was to compelling thoughts about a scene for that specific Nick/Urs story that I've been wanting to write for almost two years, but never finding the time. It's not the sort of thing that people (other than me) request in ficathons. :-)

And I can't work on it now, because I signed up for the HLH_Shortcuts exchange. Which is a good and worthy endeavor! HL is my second-favorite all-time television series, after FK. (I love HL's early seasons fiercely, and have a fraught but respectful relationship with its later seasons.)

Will I ever get to this Nick/Urs story? Perhaps it needs a title. Stories with titles seem able to use the title as a bridge from my imagination to the page...

Addendum (3:27 PM Pacific): Clarification: This is the same specific plot diverging at NiQ that I've been discussing with some of you for two years now. While there are many wonderful Nick/Urs stories to be told, I'm not seeking to replace or redefine this one at this time. I apologize for any misunderstanding.
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Sunday's New York Times included a powerful essay titled "How to Write About Trauma" by Saïd Sayrafiezadeh.

The essay is not in the least fannish. I'm mentioning it here because I think it's potently resonant for writers, for storytellers, which many of us are, in conveying how and why "sometimes trauma alone does not a story make," and that a writer should know, about the trauma in her story, "what was significant about this experience," and should consider how to "make it emblematic of something larger" to thus "turn it into a story that someone would want to read."

However, the essay may be triggery. If that concerns you, skip it and skip the rest of this paragraph, please. This resonant lesson for storytellers comes with "trauma" indeed, and with monsters, and with gruesome silence. Lessons for all, not only for writers. As the author reveals bluntly in the first sentence — not the last, note; it's the exposition, not the climax, of the essay; a point is made about structuring and storytelling, from non-fiction to fiction — as a small child, the author was raped.
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If I can get the rest of my 2014 [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest story drafted by dinnertime on Sunday, I will treat myself to Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend! And I'll throw my hat in the beta-reader ring. But this prompt has turned out to stake its ground farther from my storytelling comfort zone than I'd originally imagined. Well, new lessons to learn, and ever one sentence at a time! :-)

If you're playing this year, how's your story coming? (I hear that one story is already in beta-reader hands! Yay, [personal profile] lastscorpion!) If you're not playing, have you volunteered to beta? ~grin~ I hope that we won't need any pinch-hitters, but volunteers are welcome for that, too! Either way, do check out the find/be-a-beta posts (DW & LJ); we have two magnificent volunteers so far!

Stories come due in one week and eight hours, more or less.

Nick, Natalie, Lacroix, Schanke, Janette, Tracy and the rest are counting on us! I wonder what they'd think of what we'll put them through this time... :-)
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It seems that many pinch hits are needed in the Rarewomen ficathon game this year. At this time, two have not yet been claimed:

  • #19 - Samurai Flamenco, Revolutionary Girl Utena, or Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • #20 - In the Flesh, Warm Bodies, Supernatural, Grimm, or Teen Wolf

If you're interested in fulfilling one, tell the mod. At this point, she's essentially letting the volunteers set their own deadlines.

I'm looking forward to getting to read many of the stories come the reveal! (Although if they do reveal on time, I'm afraid that I won't get to read most promptly; I have other obligations this weekend.)

I don't know whether I managed to write well, myself, but I've loved my characters well, I promise. :-)

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The story written for my own prompt slate in this year's [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest released today! It's "By Light of Day" (PG13, ~4K words) by [personal profile] skieswideopen. I had requested "a promising cure that does not fulfill its promise," and she supplied a scenario starring Nick, Feliks, Natalie, Schanke and Janette that diverges from canon sometime between the first and second seasons, and runs through hope, happiness, fear and frustration to renewed determination. Mmmmm, renewed determination! ;-)

I enjoyed it very much! Like many of the stories this year, it innovates cleverly, positing a scenario not quite like any other explored in all FK's years (as far as I know), and it does so with spot-on character voices and concerns. And Feliks Twist!

I'll come back soon with a list of reasons to read all the fanworks in this year's game; they all truly deserve attention! But for now, I recommend the one written specifically for me. Take a look!
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My own [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest story, "Closer to the Renaissance," revealed today. I'd like to thank Batdina for the prompt; Skieswideopen, Chelseagirl and a few others for brainstorming with me; and Skieswideopen, Sholio and Natmerc for beta-reading! (Thanks also to Nick and Janette for coming through in the end.)

And I'd like to encourage everyone to drop by the fest and look around! You're sure to find a story to your taste! This year, we have every major character (except Tracy and Reese, admittedly) and an assortment of canonical minor characters. We have drama, humor, tragedy! History, mystery, fantasy! Romance and gen!

If you didn't mind spoilers, oh! could I ever bend your ear about the neat new ideas driving this year's tales! Hmmmm. Maybe I will. I did in a comment on [community profile] last_writes, so I could even just copy and paste. Hmmmm. Mind the cut, now! MAJOR SPOILER TEASES )

Please do come by the fest! Feed your friendly neighborhood FK fanfic authors!
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Looking for a last-minute, where-has-the-time-gone, FKFicFest story scenario? Here's one up for grabs!

In the "where are they now in 2013" category, you know how it feels when you receive an email from someone you haven't heard from in ages, but have often thought about, for good or ill, and you imagine all sorts of reasons that the person may be reaching out to you just now, and you imagine all the outcomes to which it could lead, pleasant or painful, and then, with dread or longing, you read the email... and it's just spam from a hijacked account probably abandoned years ago?

Happened to me today. :-) I can imagine it between many of our characters at this end of history. I bet Larry Merlin would be well employed today just cleaning up vampire detritus from the early days of the Internet, before most anyone understood that data lives forever, too.

Just a thought.
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A wretched virus wrested away my holiday weekend, knocking me flat, and has continued snatching my precious non-work hours from their rightful summer devotion to [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest ever since. In other words, while I have read four non-fiction books and watched three documentaries relevant to my prompt, and rewatched first-season twice — first-season is my happy place — since receiving my match, I still don't yet have a blessed word of actual story. Yikes! I try to trim down the idea in my imagination for every day I lose to this dratted plague.

However, I have achieved a tentative title! Not much of an accomplishment, I know — three words toward my thousand? ;-) — but it cheers me. Titles shape stories, for me, every time I open and save and see a file. Stories almost always go better when I know the title in advance. (So there, virus!)

Those of you writing for FKFicFest this time, how are your stories going? Those of you not writing, have you considered beta-reading (DW/LJ)?
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I received my [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest story-match assignment by email last of everyone on Sunday night, though naturally I knew my assignment first of everyone :-) as soon as all the little highlighted slips of paper settled into a complete matched set with no recognizably bad matches ... though of course some matches are better than others, and I'm hoping fervently that each player did receive something that will ignite his/her imagination.

So in this first week of the game, I picked my prompt from the three I received, and ordered a relevant non-fiction book — which you might suppose reveals that the prompt isn't touching the middle ages in Europe or the Levant, early-modern France, the nineteenth-century in Britain or the US, swordcraft, nutrition or Catholicism, as perhaps I have enough ("enough" ~grin~) books about those already... but when have I ever passed up an excuse to borrow or buy a new book? This morning, I copied relevant FK screenshots into a folder and made it my home desktop wallpaper and screensaver.

Next up: Rewatch the episode most suggested by the prompt!

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We have not yet reached that part of October where I will have enough time to play fandom regularly again, but I believe that I've caught up on all of your October's LJ/DW posts to date... and there's nary a drop of FK out there.  Did I miss any?  (Besides that I completely missed that [ profile] spook_me, the annual multifandom Halloween ficathon, is well past underway! I missed that in September.)  Just a quiet month so far.

Unrelatedly, I have been pondering some advice from [personal profile] leela_cat, and I've decided to take it.  I doubt anyone has noticed, but I have accumulated perhaps a dozen assorted here-and-there stories — going back two years, at least — written for various deadline-driven ficathon games, but then left to moulder on the vine at whatever venue held the game, not moving them on to fkfic-l, my own fansite, or the AO3 (if the game wasn't held on the AO3 to begin with).  In each case, the deadline came all too soon, and, unsatisfied with the result for whatever reason, I determined to rewrite... but never did.  (Mostly, I was unable to find anyone to chew them over with, to tear them apart and put them back together more strongly in conversation, and reignite their inspirational fires. I write much better on a discursive foundation!)  So what was Leela's advice?  Post.  Unless a missing scene is clamoring to be written, let it go; fold each story neatly and tuck it away.  Archive as-is, get these tales off my imagination's plate, and make room for something new.

Yes, I think that I will do that... as soon as we reach that time when I have some time. :-)


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