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My Forever Knight recommendation-of-the-month project is now remodeled!  I hope that readers will find it more appealing and easier to use.

As you may remember, earlier this year, I hauled most of my FK fansite out of the pre-CSS darkness, but the recommendations project got left behind in its maze of interlocking framesets.  I finally gave up on preserving every permutation of external links that people might have made over the years, and settled down with a single, fixed-position menu.  (No link to an individual recommendation/anchor has broken! It's the annual framesets — one level up — that went.)  If the recs menu doesn't appear as a gray box on the left the first time you load the page, and you're not still using IE6 (which you shouldn't be doing, anyway; old browsers are security vulnerabilities; but if you are, the menu should appear at the bottom), perhaps try clicking "refresh" to be sure to pick up the new CSS file?  Otherwise, if you happen to notice any malfunctions in the recommendations, please let me know!  (I've tested on IE 9, Firefox 7 and Safari 5 from a Windows PC. I don't have access to a Mac.)

If you're inspired with ways to make the site overall more accessible and more appealing, please share those as well!  Point me to examples!  I'd be grateful.  Not every subsidiary page is yet updated, but I'll get there.  I'm striving for a thoroughly modern fansite, with an up-to-date look and functionality as far as I can push my skills and tools.  I would like to eventually wipe out all traces of a '90s relic site; they don't do any credit to FK's ongoing appeal... not to mention to me as a designer. :-)
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I've finished mirroring my non-FK fanfiction on my AO3 account, [ profile] brightknightie:My Forever Knight (54+) fanfic mirroring has a ways yet to go, but most of that is up as well.

I've re-read each story as I've mirrored it, and (inevitably) re-edited.  Newer pieces got tiny tweaks, if any, but some of the very oldest made me blush as I slashed and burned through jungles of extraneous verbiage.  Gracious!  Plot, theme and characterization remain as first posted, however juvenile, but at least I can spare any generous future readers the adverbial overgrowth!  Of course, this means that once I'm done mirroring from my fansite to the AO3, I have to do it all over again in reverse, to reflect those thousand little fixes in the originals.  A potentially never-ending volly... ~wry grin~
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I am slowly mirroring my fanfiction on my AO3 account.

I've archived my fanfiction on my own fansite since 1999, and I have not given permission for others to archive my work elsewhere in many, many years.  (Everywhere that I know my stuff is up outside my editing access, I have asked to have it taken down. Please don't rush to tell me where my stuff is still up unless you can get it down or edited. I probably know, and the subject upsets me.)  I fervently prefer to have my fanworks only where I can directly access them for editing typos, updating nom de plumes and so on, and of course that technology did eventually come into use a few years back, but I remained cautious.  After much reflection, and testing the settings, I find that I feel comfortable with the AO3 as I have not with any other collective archive in a long, long time.  It'll be okay.  (Fingers crossed.)

It will take some time to mirror all my fanfiction.  I'm loading old stories with the current date as the publishing date, leaving them that way for a few days so that they get an opportunity to show up at the top of lists, and then winding the publishing date back to their real vintage for the correct progression.  I mirrored my FKFicFest ones first, then HL, then ones that happened to be set at holidays; that's where it rests now.

My own site is still the place with my illustrations, timelines, recommendations, and so on, as well as all my stories. :-)
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With the exception of the recommendations project, the top level of my "Bright Knight" FK fansite has at long last achieved the light of the CSS present, leaving behind the HTML tables-based dark ages.  Take a gander and let me know what you think?  It appears correctly on my PC in the latest Firefox and IE.  I don't know how it looks on a Mac or in other or older browsers.  I'm fairly content with the various content index pages, but the homepage itself unfortunately seems simultaneously busy and hollow.  Constructive criticism is welcome ("constructive" ideally means "with suggestions for improvement" ~g~).

You may recall that I mentioned, a few months back, creating a template for archiving new stories going forward.  These index pages were step two.  It will take a fair duration to rework all the site content: every FAQ, timeline, essay, list and tale.  The content goes back to '96; the site went online, hand-coded, in '99; then came FrontPage, now Dreamweaver...

I expect that the recommendations project — standing out like the proverbial sore thumb — will be the most challenging to reconfigure.  I built it on framesets back in the day; I must find a structural alternative that maintains functionality.  I do not yet even know the proper term for the way that GoogleNews keeps its sidebar menu static on the page as you scroll, but I believe that's what I need for the recommendations sans framesets.  (Alternatively, Spry tabbed panels? I don't know.)
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As you know, I've had an FK fansite since the late '90s, and I archive my own FK fanfiction and other fanfiction (HL, BtVS, etc.) there, as well as the recommendation-of-the-month project.

I'm [personal profile] brightknightie as well as [ profile] brightknightie.  With no disrespect to LJ, the unfortunate downtime they've been experiencing lately suggests that I should make an offer of DW invite codes to help us all through; if you're on my f-list, just ask.

You may not know that I'm also [ profile] brightknightie on the Archive of Our Own.  I have not uploaded any stories there at this time, so it's probably no use subscribing to me with their new feature.  (While I feel more positively about the AO3 than any other archive yet, I've been so burned in the past that I remain wary... and of course I compulsively update my old stories when I find errors. We'll see.)  In any case, I do comment there when I read there, and I do pop over there at least once a month to check FK uploads.

And of course I am still subscribed to ForKni-L and FKFic-L, continuously since February '96, although I admittedly rarely read the discussion list digests these days, and am often very slow and backed up on the fiction list.

I'm not on Twitter or Facebook.
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My Fansite.  As you may know, my FK fansite is here.  I recently redesigned my fiction and poetry index pages (the non-FK stuff is over here) in hopes of making them easier to use and more appealing, with the up-front information readers now expect.  I'm not entirely satisfied, but I don't know where to take the layout from here.

What do you think?  Is this better than before, or should I revert?  Keeping in mind that this is a single-person list of stories, do you have models to recommend -- websites with more appealing results from different designs?

My Tags.  Similarly, I redid all my blog tags (LJ tags/DW tags) this summer, hoping to make it easier for readers to find what interests them.  Thus "fanfic:byme" is distinct from "fanfic:byyou," "fanfic:hl," etc.  "Recommendations" alone brings up everything of the sort, while "recommendations:project" pulls just the designated monthly recommendations, which is also where the monthly fkfic-l recap goes.  "Recently" identifies those periodic round-ups of FK stuff that I see on blogs.  And there are character tags, couple tags, and so on.

What's your opinion?  Is this the way to go with tags for readers?  Keeping in mind that I follow few fandoms and write gen almost exclusively, do you have models to suggest -- bloggers who have hit just the right tagging approach?

FKFicFest Community.  The paid account for [ profile] fkficfest will expire soon.  Of course I'll renew it for the next game, whenever that might be!  But is there interest/need for the community to be a paid account between games?  (While it is paid, no advertisements appear on it for anyone.  If it went unpaid, it would show advertisements to readers who do not have paid or permanent accounts.)
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As many have said: I promise not to use the new LJ function that crossposts comments to Facebook and Twitter, and I would appreciate it if you would not use it on my LJ.  Thanks!

Further, may I suggest just never using it at all?  Read more... )
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To those with FK fansites and fanfic archives: please consider posting your new URL to your blog as well as to forkni-l whenever you relocate.  I want to know, and I bet many others do, too.  Please help us follow you around the Web!

Seriously and sincerely.  Thank you!

Fly-By FK Fillips

Sunday, April 13th, 2008 10:52 pm
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Icons.  My FK activity this week was creating a small flock of NatPack icons for [ profile] wiliqueen.  I hope at least one strikes her fancy; any that do not catch her eye, I will recycle for general "up for grabs" consumption for any other icon-deprived NatPackers.  (I'll mark them so, when the time comes.)  I hope I'm building my icon-making skills as I go; it's a new craft, and I have a lot to learn!  In and around the new icons for [ profile] wiliqueen, I also created just a few more for myself, including this (Gratuitous Icon Post!) one with Natalie, Nick and the Caddie from "The Fix."

Fanfiction.  Writing "Starwort" (that long Fleur story) for the ficathon was a bit of a "high," and I'm experiencing a low in its wake.  A friend who did not have time to beta before the ficathon is taking a look at the story now, and will let me know what I can fix in her areas of expertise before taking the story home to fkfic-l.  Trying to figure out where to begin a completely different new story, and not succumb to the morass of not writing for fun (only work), I'm playing with [ profile] hearts_blood's request for a NCIS/FK crossover for her birthday; we'll see.

Analysis.  The last forkni-l digest I read came on March 22.  That's not far behind, by my standards these days, but there was this one post that week to which I would really like to respond -- at length, citing a whole alphabet soup of episodes, in the good old way -- but I can't well do so until I catch up on all the digests since, to see if someone has beaten me to the punch.  Ah, well.  Key thought?  The thing the poster assumed is true, well, it appears only in Lacroix's dialogue, and only after first season.  This leaves the very strong interpretive possibility that, as Nick and Janette's dialogue in the first season explicitly contradicts Lacroix on this point, Lacroix is either mistaken or lying, and either way, most probably trying to manipulate Nick!  Ah, well. :-)

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Did the list ever generate serious couple faction designations for Lacroix/Janette and Lacroix/Urs?  I think someone wanted to use "Dark Hearts" for Lacroix/Janette for a while, but I don't know whether it caught on.  And was "Lonely Hearts" supposed to be Lacroix/Urs or Vachon/Urs, and what's the name for the other?  It's just something that's been tickling the back of my brain, not quite breaking through.  Lacroix/Janette is rare, but Lacroix/Urs had a period of common assumption.

List of Established Couple Faction Terms )

For the purposes of tagging this LJ, I've been using the couple factions to designate any significant intersection of the two characters.  For example, I'm using the "UF" tag for both Unnamed Faction (Nick/Lacroix) and Cousins of the Knight (Nick-Lacroix) content, and "N&N" for both friendship and romance.


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