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I'm watching the over-the-air broadcast of the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, and Rumpelstiltskin just said:

spoiler )

caught 3 dittos!

Thursday, November 24th, 2016 05:17 pm
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This afternoon, before the rain returns tomorrow, I went to a park confirmed on Silph Road as an oddish nest. In addition to enough oddishes for the candies to fully power up my double-S.T.A.B. vileplume with solar beam (my current favorite pokémon), an exeggcute, a totally random jynx (you never see jynxes here; my previous jynx was hatched), and assorted ordinary catches, I happened upon 3 dittos! The release is real!

2 were disguised as ratattas; the other as a pidgey. (I strongly suspect that some zubats that got away from me were also dittos in disguise, and probably some other ratattas and pidgies that got away.) Stats do differ; they're not clones. All 3 of mine came in between 51% and 64% IVs (usually, I send anything under 82% to the professor, but not a new entry in the pokédex, obviously).

Given that ditto has catch and flee rates on par with the starters, my guess is that any relentlessly ordinary pokémon (e.g. ratatta, pidgey, zubat, ekans, krabby, paras, caterpie) that show surprising catch resistance now have a fair chance of being ditto in disguise. Or they may just be strong ordinary pokemon, and a waste of your razz berries and great balls: impossible to know! :-)

Anybody else snag a ditto yet?
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Years ago, to shorthand my fannish interpretations and preferences, I used to say: "I'm a canon-based lifeform." ;-)

Many people love total AUs and flat-out "canon? what canon?" denial, and that's great! I'm different. When I care enough about a story world to engage fannishly, I can't usually, happily, simultaneously disengage from it that way. Conscious divergences from canon ("What if?"s) are all joy and delight; and hidebound fidelity that cannot forge anew is pointless, of course; yet there must be awareness of the raw material, tribute to the superstructure.

I'm a foil fencer (not epee, not saber). If you know modern sport fencing, that sums up my fannish tendencies even more pithily: I freely choose and celebrate the weapon — ~cough~ I mean, "sporting equipment" ~cough~ — with all the intricate, infuriating, beautiful rules meant to make you behave in the ways that would be wise if it were sharp, which it's absolutely not and shouldn't be. :-)

A happy US Thanksgiving to those celebrating today! Good luck to those working on fannish events like HLH_Shortcuts, NaNoWriMo, and Yuletide! Best wishes to those hunting Ditto in Pokémon Go! Comfort and strength to all people of good will. ♥
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I enjoyed the recent Pokémon Go events, both Halloween's spooky spawns and the "introducing daily bonuses" hauls. I hope that you all had fun! It seems likely that Niantic'll hold similar events again. There are rampant Thanksgiving rumors, which seems odd, as the game is global and US Thanksgiving is... US. (It'd be easy to twin the Halloween candy event at Eastertime, with the victreebel, vileplume, venomoth, and beedrill families. I haven't imagined anything good for the December holidays, not only because there's so little ice in first generation, but because... fair's fair southern hemisphere summer!)

Have you heard about the Japanese lapras event? To hopefully economically help the region harmed by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown. (I contributed a mite to the gofundme to send TrainerTipsNick there to get a lapras and a farfetched, report back to us, and carry our good wishes to those still affected.) There's speculation that it's a try-out for introducing the legendaries.

While enjoying the events when I could, I'm also glad to have the game back to normal. There was a franticness to taking good advantage of the events in time. We adults can't play much during our workweeks, obviously, and while I really do enjoy long weekend walks listening to thoughtful news analysis podcasts or awesome Great Courses lectures, it does get dark so early at this end of the year in the northern hemisphere... and, frankly, I personally need a breather from even the most thoughtful news analysis, I think.


Saturday, November 12th, 2016 10:37 am
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I can't recall unsubscribing from anyone here before. But I'll cease to follow those who've openly blamed every individual in the United States of America — which includes me — for what happened Tuesday.

You of course have every right to feel that and to express it on your journal! I'm sorry that I'm not strong enough for it right now. I can't feel frightened and sad every minute. My fannish journal has long been a refuge.

Thank you.
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My area got the new PokéGo tracker overnight! You know, the "Nearby" view with the pokéstop backgrounds that they've been ~cough~ A/B testing, if you buy that making San Francisco "A" while the rest of the world is "B" is a valid experimental model. ;-)

I see online that it's still limited to the west coast of the US, but that it should roll out globally in the not too distant future.

I have lots of errands and chores to do now that it's finally the weekend — not to mention the specific weekend before the election, the weekend before a family birthday, two weekends before Thanksgiving, and ack! not enough weekends! before my HLH_shortcuts story comes due — but the weather looks kind today... I will definitely make time to get to a park where I can toy with this new tracker while taking a walk and listening to a podcast.

(I've actually been planning a special little trip to San Francisco, ostensibly to see a certain museum exhibit, but not a little to also get to play with their tracker and explore what is reputed to be their super-duper "Niantic's engineers live here" pokémon hunting. ~grin~)
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Please don't misinterpret this post as inviting contemporary politics to my fannish blog. This post is about FK.

That said, I've been wanting to share with you that FK's difficult episode "Dead Issue" had been a comfort to me in the misogynist ick circa the latter two US presidential debates. Maybe it can offer something similar to you, if you need it?

Few women don't have something buried raised by that indefensible stupidity and its defense. I found that certain swells of anxiety and sadness subsided when I remembered "Dead Issue," and thought on what Nick knows, and learns, and remembers. It's just a story, of course, but such reach and resonance in contextualizing and positioning reality is part of why and how we love stories, and why and how we love FK.

"Dead Issue" and its difficulties are one of the happy reasons that I've never been remotely able to reconcile to the fourth of Ophelia5's "Flowers" stories (the series that starts with "Physical Therapy," probably FKdom's most famous NC-17 story). Ophelia5 was such an outstanding writer that she could make feel natural and compelling many things from which I'd otherwise recoil, but that? No. Not. That.

Just remember "Dead Issue." In the flashbacks, Nick is but an observer of Ilsa's predicament. By the present, he is metaphorically Lynn, or she him; he's been there, too.
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I got to sleep in luxuriously this Saturday morning, and when I did at last wake up past nine, it was to compelling thoughts about a scene for that specific Nick/Urs story that I've been wanting to write for almost two years, but never finding the time. It's not the sort of thing that people (other than me) request in ficathons. :-)

And I can't work on it now, because I signed up for the HLH_Shortcuts exchange. Which is a good and worthy endeavor! HL is my second-favorite all-time television series, after FK. (I love HL's early seasons fiercely, and have a fraught but respectful relationship with its later seasons.)

Will I ever get to this Nick/Urs story? Perhaps it needs a title. Stories with titles seem able to use the title as a bridge from my imagination to the page...

Addendum (3:27 PM Pacific): Clarification: This is the same specific plot diverging at NiQ that I've been discussing with some of you for two years now. While there are many wonderful Nick/Urs stories to be told, I'm not seeking to replace or redefine this one at this time. I apologize for any misunderstanding.
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This past week was very busy. While I remembered to spin the pokéstops on the way in and out of my workplace — and to regularly nab the pidgies, rattatas, and parases that spawned at my apartment at 28 minutes past the hour until the latest migration — I was paying so little attention overall that I was taken by surprise on Friday to realize that I'd somehow accumulated 4 10K eggs! I've never before had more than one 10K egg at a time.

The weather was kind over the weekend, and I didn't scruple to shell out for incubators, so I did hatch all 4 by Monday: 2 magmars, 1 chansey, and 1 dratini. None were new types to me, but all are exceedingly rare here (I had exactly 2 of each before these hatches).

Lots of stardust, lots of candy, but mostly the great fun of anticipation. Would they be any of the 34 pokémon that I don't yet have? Not this time. But next time...!
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I'm reminded that it's past time for a "recently in FK" bulletin post. Oops! Maybe soon.

In the meantime, I wanted you to know that [ profile] dlyt has posted 2 new FK stories inspired by FKFicFest!
  • "Quest for Lunch" (G, gen; 1,253 words; Schanke & Nick) was inspired by one of her recipient's ([personal profile] lastscorpion) other FKFicFest prompts.
  • "Resistance Is Futile" (G, m/f; 1,067 words; Natalie/Nick) is a generous, thoughtful — and unnecessary! don't get a mistaken idea! ;-) — thank-you to me for moderating FKFicFest.
Dlyt, and everyone, you're very welcome for my part in the fest. We could never do it without all of us together!


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