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I learned from [personal profile] pj1228 (post) the sad news that Richard McMillan, who played Matthew in "Dying to Know You" and Lindley in "Can't Run, Can't Hide," died on February 19.

Here's an obituary from the Toronto Star.
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Idea: Blisseys should decline to battle the babies or wounded pokémon! This would be in-universe in-character, would help enormously with the newly blissey-clogged gyms in urban areas, and wouldn't be a nerf if it's been there, undiscovered, since Gen 2 released last Thursday.

(Not gonna happen. But it would be neat.)
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I understand that ongoing games require periodic rebalancing to remain competitive. Yet it felt like adding insult to injury when I hatched a new lapras (10K egg) shortly after realizing that my pet powered-up lapras had been nerfed in the latest rebalancing.

Lapras had been the most elegant of the high-powered pokémon: pretty, useful, intelligent, and dignified. (Plus, every now and then, a lapras buddy looks fondly at your avatar. So engaging!) I'd poured huge quantities of stardust — and so many, many, many kilometers walked (including through most of the Valentine's double-candy event) — into powering up my lapras as high as my trainer level allowed. She'd had my fourth-highest CP, and was my go-to gym defender (when not my buddy), even over my snorlax, because she adds both class and diversity to gyms. Now she has my ninth-highest CP, down under gengar and above cloyster, and I don't even know where her moveset falls anymore.

Granted, I should have known this was coming. Lapras was left out of the previous rebalancing because of the big lapras event in Japan's Tōhoku region (trying to help bring in tourism, as they're still recovering from the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant incident). I should have guessed that her omission wasn't permanent. Indeed, I should have recognized that the event itself made lapras rebalancing more necessary for the overall meta-game. (But. Still. Niantic, why did you have to hurt my lapras?)

Did any of your pet pokémon get nerfed?
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It amuses me to imagine that Lisette Beaufort (character profile), the French anatomist illustrator in the second season of Mercy Street (official PBS site), is an ancestor of Highlander's Tessa Noel. :-)
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Do Forever Knight's vampires ever cry blood tears? If so, in which episode and under what circumstances? (Obviously, their tears aren't always blood. We have on-screen saline tears and the usual appearance of their eyeballs.)

This is a worn-out old question, I know! But when [personal profile] dlyt asked me this week, I just couldn't remember for sure. Did blood tears migrate into FK fanfic purely from Ms. Rice's universe? Or is there canonical support that I just can't call to mind right now? I feel it on the edge of memory, for I surely used to know...?!

(I do remember discussing FK vampire physiology on the email lists. I especially remember that M. wanted to believe that FK vampires were completely unlike humans on the inside; his highly unusual theory was that they were sponges for blood, with no organs. My more ordinary stance is that their anatomy doesn't change on the inside any more than it does on the outside, and that how that anatomy may function would differ with a supernatural or a scientific explanation of the state.)

Among all FK's many, massive, dear inconsistencies, each fanwriter should choose what serves each story best! But is this one of FK's inconsistencies? Or a fandom blooper?


Addendum: Thanks to [personal profile] nicholas_lucien for the answer and [personal profile] greerwatson for a screenshot! In "Baby, Baby," Serena cries blood immediately after murdering the man on the tower by draining his blood.
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By virtue of the double-candy mechanic in Pokémon Go's current Valentine's event (which runs into the morning of February 15, Pacific Time), I got to evolve togepi into togetic today!

Of togetic's possible movesets, mine got the one that's best for attacking (zen headbutt & dazzling gleam), with the psychic-type quick move (the steel-type quick move is togetic's best for defending). Should I spend stardust powering up my togetic? Probably not, I'm thinking (togetic's GamePress entry). Togetic is every bit a middle-stage evolution, with limited movesets and stats. On the one hand, this implies that Niantic is designing with togepi's final stage, togekiss, properly in mind, which is right and just. On the other hand, with no Gen2 yet, Gen4 is forever if ever away.

This leaves me exactly 2 pokémon short of completing my regional pokedex (for today's available pokemon): dragonite and kabutops.
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You may remember that gyarados was one of the 4 pokémon still missing from my North American pokédex. No longer! (3 to go.)

Saturday morning, at least 40 minutes' drive north, over the border into an adjacent poké-biome where they get more water types (my immediate area gets bug, ground and fire types), I picked up a green 2K egg. Saturday afternoon, that egg hatched a magikarp, boosting my magikarp candy count over 400 at last! Saturday evening, I evolved my one (and probably only ever) gyarados. It has 96% IVs; I've been saving up that prime magikarp for this purpose for months. Unfortunately, it got the poorest available gyarados moveset (bite and twister), but, hey, even a less efficient gyarados is by far a more effective gym defender than most other pokémon species ("Category: Atrocious" ~grin~).

In other weekend pokénews, I earned my gold medal in fairy types, and, still campaigning for diversity in gyms, I held slots (for at least a few hours each) with my muk, vileplume, and cloyster. Muk looks so weird on top of gyms, spreading ickily all over! Vileplume is cute and deadly, with her solar beam. Cloyster seems happy, icing all comers.

(As a reminder, last week was an update, so this week is a nest migration. If you've got any good nests nearby (Silph Road Atlas), you may want to stop by before 12 AM Thursday UTC — afternoon Wednesday, my time.)
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We have 8 answers on DW (and 1 on LJ) to the 2017 FKFicFest pre-game survey. Should we play this year? When and how? The poll is open until 11:59 PM Pacific Time tonight, February 3 (or, you know, when I turn on my computer on Saturday).

Planned changes: we'll be playing in the spring, we'll be codifying that acknowledging your exchange writer is expected, and we'll be minimizing LJ posts in favor of DW.

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For the month of January, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests and communities that welcome FK

Fanfiction and other fanworks

Chat & meta

tiny happinesses

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 12:04 am
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I hatched an 89% IVs snorlax with the best available defensive moveset today, and also an 89% hitmonlee with two fighting-type moves (just right for using against snorlaxes).

I picked up their eggs from unknown pokéstops an hour distant, Saturday morning, helping a friend with a chore. (I must admit that I spring for an incubator each time that I spin a 10K egg.)


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