Sunday, February 12th, 2017

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By virtue of the double-candy mechanic in Pokémon Go's current Valentine's event (which runs into the morning of February 15, Pacific Time), I got to evolve togepi into togetic today!

Of togetic's possible movesets, mine got the one that's best for attacking (zen headbutt & dazzling gleam), with the psychic-type quick move (the steel-type quick move is togetic's best for defending). Should I spend stardust powering up my togetic? Probably not, I'm thinking (togetic's GamePress entry). Togetic is every bit a middle-stage evolution, with limited movesets and stats. On the one hand, this implies that Niantic is designing with togepi's final stage, togekiss, properly in mind, which is right and just. On the other hand, with no Gen2 yet, Gen4 is forever if ever away.

This leaves me exactly 2 pokémon short of completing my regional pokedex (for today's available pokemon): dragonite and kabutops.


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